Minim makes high quality minimal underscore for TV using world-class live performers.

Part of the Harmony Music Libraries group, Minim’s sister labels are Gothic Storm Music, Library Of The Human Soul and Lovely Music.


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Licensing Enquiries


COMPOSERS: If you would like your music to be considered for our label, please send an email using this link.

Tell us a little about what other work you have done, and add a streaming link (no attachments) to a site like Soundcloud, Dropbox, Fidbak, Disco or Reelcrafter with 3 to 12 tracks.


  • The tracks could be all different styles you do well, or all one style.
  • It could be previous published work or new work now available but please let us know
  • It could be an entire finished album you are submitting for consideration, let us know if so
  • It could have samples or live instruments but please let us know which it is - we are always looking for excellent mock-up artists who can make samples sound live!